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Our Mission​

The D-MAN Foundation, Danny’s Miracle Angel Network, is dedicated to enriching the lives of families and individuals living with physical and mental disabilities. Through education, specialty programs, and fundraising efforts, The D-MAN Foundation strives to ensure that people with quadriplegia and other severe disabilities have the opportunities to achieve the highest quality of life possible.


The Kassab Family was thrust into tragedy when their 7-year-old son, Danny, was hit by a car. Danny survived the accident but had become a ventilator dependent quadriplegic…


Costume parties, ditchin’ wheelchairs for classic cars, and a whole lot of music! A DMAN event is one you do not want to miss! Learn more about how you can be a part…


Learn more about our signature “Barrier Free” Music Therapy Recording Studio and Assisted Travel Program and how they can benefit your loved one today!…

Get Involved

Join the DMAN Foundation to empower individuals with disabilities through music, technology, and creativity.

We are on a mission to increase quality of life for survivors.


The time spent in the D-Man music therapy program was the most rewarding activity for our son. Scott thrived on writing his songs, creating the audio parts and practicing for live performances. His greatest accomplishment was his very own Charlie Starlight Album.
Dora Dingwall
My son’s experiences with the D-MAN Foundation have been truly miraculous. For the 2 hours that he is there each week, Trei is completely immersed in the process of developing his voice through his music. The performances, production pieces, and special events have given our son opportunities to participate fully in an activity that he is passionate about. When he’s at D-MAN, it’s not about what he has lost but about what he can create.
Larry Cools
D-man is just what it stands for. Miracle Angels! I have witnessed firsthand where this foundation has improved the quality of life for each individual they come in contact with. This Barrier Free Music Therapy Studio gives each client an opportunity to learn, write, and create something into their very own, and it’s astonishing to be able to watch. Their clients get the opportunity to continue their growth and build their confidence level through special performances throughout the calendar year. Thank you for all that you do. You are Angel’s on Earth!
John Thomas
Dreams do come true! This foundation has made such an amazing change in our lives. We are so blessed to be part of this group of people that we call family. You all inspire us to want to be the best. There is not a day that goes by that we are not thankful for Danny (DMAN) and the Kassab family! We love you and appreciate all that you’ve done to help all people feel special!
Karri Sparkman
The D-MAN Foundation is doing something that I have never seen before. Something that touches the soul of our local Quadriplegic and Paraplegic community. Through offering Music Therapy to these individuals who crave to express their talents, they receive an opportunity and outlet they never thought they could have."
Janel Stone
The DMAN Foundation is an outstanding, first class organization that does so much to enrich the lives of others. I’m blessed to be associated with such amazing people! God Bless Ziad Kassab and the DMAN Family!
Mark Kassa

Music Therapy Studio

The state-of-the-art Music Therapy Studio addresses the needs of the disabled population, offering the services of professional Music Therapists to achieve clinical outcomes. Our studio provides the services of Audio Engineers, Music Therapists’ and necessary professionals to enhance a creative and enriching experience…


Assisted Travel Program

The D-MAN Foundation’s Assisted Travel Program provides knowledge, experience, coordination, and financial support for disabled clients to make their travel dreams come true. This program not only focuses on leisure travel, but also events!


Group Session 1-4pm



Dreams Come True On Woodward

Each year, The D-MAN Foundation transfers more wheelchair-bound individuals into convertibles to participate in the world’s largest one-day auto event – The Woodward Dreamcruise.

Hollywood Night Gala

Arriving to a D-MAN event is like nothing you have ever experienced before! Walk down our signature red carpet and be greeted like a star! Paparazzi, fans, and so much more!

DMAN Group Vacation

DMAN not only grants money towards your trip, but coordinates all of the logistics for you!