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About Us​

The D-MAN Foundation is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to enriching the lives of families and individuals with physical and mental disabilities.

Through its signature programs, the D-MAN Music Therapy Studio that provides the emerging breakthrough treatment of music therapy – The Assisted Travel program which provides knowledge, experience, coordination, and financial support for disabled clients to make their travel dreams come true – and through education and other specialty programs – the D-MAN Foundation helps people with disabilities achieve the highest quality of life possible.

The D-MAN Foundation was founded by Ziad Kassab in 2009 in loving memory of his little brother, Danny. In 1993, Danny was hit by a car at the age of 7. After the accident, Danny lived the next 16 years of his life as a ventilator-dependent quadriplegic before passing away.

Although the impact of his accident had life-altering consequences and difficult daily struggles to endure, Danny lived his life with courage, determination and a spirited love of life. He was truly an inspiration to everyone who knew him.

His brothers, Ziad and Calvin, moved mountains to give him the best quality of life possible and we continue to do that for those we serve today.

DMAN Mission

Danny’s Journey

Danny Loved Music

Just before Danny’s passing, he discovered how making his own music could improve his life. He smiled more. He felt better. He loved the pure joy he experienced while recording his own song. It became one of his favorite things to do.
When Danny made music, he could forget about being in a wheelchair. He could forget about his disability and focus on all of the tremendous ability he did have.
It took him to another place. A miraculous place that transformed his thinking and his life.
So, at the D-MAN Foundation, we made it our mission to build a state-of-the-art music therapy studio adapted specifically for the special needs of quadriplegics and other physically and cognitively challenged individuals.
At the D-MAN Foundation, we’re passionately committed to helping people with disabilities conquer adversity, develop lifelong coping strategies, contribute to society and live a life that fulfills their potential.

A Message From Our Chairman

Back in 1993, when my beloved brother, Danny, was struck by a car and became a ventilator-dependent quadriplegic, the fun and carefree life he had been living as a happy-go-lucky child was gone.
Danny was just 7 years old and his journey forward would be one filled with disability, debilitation, suffering, surgeries and seemingly endless doctor appointments.
As Danny began to adjust to the new normal of not being able to walk or feed himself or brush his hair—or countless other daily functions we all take for granted— some depression set in.
Although we all made the most of every day we had together, there were many struggles and challenges to overcome. After all, Danny had a severe disability that impacted every aspect of his life. And, in turn, all of our lives were impacted right along with him.
Maybe you’ve been there, too. Although not everyone has experienced a severe disability, so many of us know what it’s like to endure terrible physical and emotional pain from illness, injury or disease. Or to watch as a loved one becomes crippled with the overwhelming crush of a newly-diagnosed chronic condition.
But, one thing we kept close to our hearts is this: There is always hope.
Hope for more smiles, fun and laughs.
Hope through the miracle of music therapy.
On behalf of the D-MAN Foundation and all of the disabled people who will benefit from your support, THANK YOU.
Ziad Kassab
Chairman, D-MAN Foundation
AKA: Brother on a Mission to Make Music Therapy Miracles


Your $75 Gift

= 1 Hour Of Music Therapy

Your $150 Gift

= 2 Hours Of Music Therapy

Your $375 Gift

= 5 Hours Of Music Therapy

Your $750 Gift

= 10 Hours Of Music Therapy

Your $1,500 Gift

= 20 Hours Of Music Therapy

Your $3,000 gift can give a DMAN artist the opportunity to produce their own EP (album) equivalent to six songs!
Your $500 gift can help a DMAN artist complete one full song!